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Save £1000's - advertise privately

Join the growing numbers selling their home through the Internet.
Maximise your profit, and stay in control.

  • "It's estimated that 75% of all people looking for property carry out a search on the internet." (BBC - The Money Programme).
    Search Google for property in the Quantocks area - find us on page one!
  • Just £100, including page make-up, to advertise your property
  • Display up to 15 photographs and as much text as you like
  • Advertisement stays until you have sold
  • Even if you have the usual 'sole agency' agreement with an estate agent you will not have to pay them commission if you find a buyer privately, (with a 'sole seller' agreement you will).
  • We can also supply estate agent type 'For Sale' boards. More details...

Quantock Online has an increasing local, national and international readership.
In the three months to September 2006 we received an average of
over 10 500 individual visits per month
and we focus solely on The Quantock area

At this price, what have you got to lose?


Useful links for guidance on selling your own home

IMPORTANT: Home Information Packs (HIP)
Since August 1st 2007, it has been a legal obligation to have a HIP before you advertise your property.

BBC Property pages
Lots of useful advice on all aspects of buying and selling

Also see 'Which' - Selling a home
(Note the 'selling rights' on page 1)
'Which' - Dealing with estate agents

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